This week was an especially inspiring conversation with Hilary Gent. Hilary is an talented artist who also operates the Hedge Art Gallery in Cleveland. I visited her at the gallery (where we recorded our conversation), the space itself was welcoming and inspiring and our conversation followed suit. Oh, by the way, Hilary is the first female guest to appear on the Authentic Audio Podcast! I gotta tell you it’s a great feeling to end that drought. I can assure you that there will be ample amount of feminine perspective on this podcast as we continue to grow. However, more than being a first on the podcast, our conversation was anchored by humor, curiosity and a love for artistic expression. Hilary and I tried to investigate why the hell we create art in the first place and where does that inspiration come from? Ourselves? God? The Cosmos? I also seek guidance and get some great advice regarding a deep insecurity I have about not truly “feeling” or “getting” visual art.
This episode is sponsored by The Maria Neil Art Project
All original music by
Ken Wendt D.M.A

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