​The amazing Brandon Chrostowski was my guest this episode. Brandon is the founder of EDWINS Leadership & Restaurant Institute and is on a mission to change the face of re-entry in the United States. The idea was born from “a break” that Brandon received early in life and has grown into a six-month program conducted at EDWINS restaurant in Cleveland, Ohio as well as in prison. His approach is simple: arm those re-entering society from prison and jail sentences with a skill set and a smile.

This program has earned Brandon national recognition as a CNN Hero, a guest on the Steve Harvey Show and being featured in the Oscar Nominated documentary “Knife Skills”.

In this episode Brandon and I sat down at EDWINS Restaurant in Shaker Heights, Ohio and talked about:
-How he found himself and discovered the mission of his life
-The break he was given by a judge that changed his life
-How he became obsessed with French Cuisine and working in the
-The Oscar nominated short documentary “Knife Skills” featuring
himself, EDWINS, students and staff
-How not having a television is a conscious choice for mental clarity.
-His experience running for Mayor of the City of Cleveland
-Some of the most important conversations he’s ever had

*Learn more about Brandon and EDWINS at


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