This episode features my conversation with filmmaker Rob Montague. Rob is a co-founder of the production company Late Morning Films and is in the process of creating a new documentary called: ‘SECRET IDENTITY: The Origin of SUPERMAN’

Besides talking about this latest project towards the latter half of the conversation, Rob and I have a boisterous, fun and wide ranging conversation about:
-The importance of artistic integrity
-The danger and balance of consuming media
-Rob’s journey from touring musician to filmmaker
-A deep analysis of Pauly Shore’s character (Stanley “Stoney”
Brown) in Encino Man
-The absurdity and beauty of being human
-How inspiration and artistic expression is linked to the ether
-Our love for Carl Sagan and how navigate the overpopulation of the earth

*Learn more about Rob, Late Morning Films & the Secret Identity Project at:

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Cori Birce

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