This is Kasumi. She is uncanny. She is a recipient of a 2011 Guggenheim fellowship. She’s a force in the experimental film and art world. Her latest film Shockwaves will jar your senses awake!

Kasumi is an artist who works in a broad range of media: directing and producing short and feature length experimental films, performing live shows and VJ, creating looping electronic sculptures, designing motion graphics and animated gifs, producing immersive 360 virtual reality pieces and making fine art prints through glitch and data moshing.

Her work explores memory and our collective consciousness.

I sat down with Kasumi at her Cleveland home several months ago on a snowy afternoon. We enjoyed some fabulous lemon water and recorded an almost meditative conversation. We talked about topics ranging from Donald Trump, to her artistic process, how we interpret consciousness and the deeper connections between our art and our personal lives. This episode starts off with a story about an experience I recently had attending a funeral of a colleague. It got me thinking: What makes a person? Is it their mind, spirit, thoughts or physical gestures? Is it a combination of all of these things? Is all the life, awareness and matter around us just a never ending loop of destruction and rebirth? These questions then tie into a really valuable conversation with the Artist known as Kasumi.

All original Audio and music production by
Ken Wendt D.M.A

Graphic Design & Original Artwork
Alex Collier

Episode 24 is made possible by the
​The City Club of Cleveland

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