Welcome to Episode 43 of The Connect!

This episode I got a chance to connect with Bill Squire.
Bill is a Comedian and Radio personality on the Alan Cox Show
(WMMS 100.7). Bill is hilarious but in this conversation you’ll get to hear another side of his personality. Our conversation went deep and it traversed many wide-ranging topics including:

-How decisions influence our lives
-How Bill is rebuilding life after a recent breakup
-What it’s like to be a father in a blended family
-The unconditional love we have for our children
-The challenges of being monogamist
-His latest Comedy Album called “Decisions Aren’t my Thing”
-Our skepticism of astrology
-Religion, Dogma and the Golden Rule
-Politics, Gun violence and Gun Reform
-The transparency of racism in America.

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More about Bill:

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